About Us

If you visit our website or have heard about our company in some other way, you may be wondering:

Why is there a company that deals almost exclusively with diver communication ropes? And who is behind it? And what can ScubaCom do for you as a customer?

ScubaCom emerged from “GFWR – Motzke, Ausrüstung für Wasserrettung” in 2021. GFWR Motzke was founded in 2012 by Markus Motzke with the aim of improving diver communication systems.

Markus Motzke has been a volunteer in the Mering Water Rescue Service since 1983 and a regular rescue diver since 1988.

In 2005, the Mering Water Rescue Service received its first diving equipment with communication devices. From the very beginning, the non-floating diver communication rope were more of a hindrance than a help and were correspondingly unpopular with the rescue divers. This experience was also shared with us by many other water rescue divers.

The floatable diving communication ropes available on the market at that time were far beyond the financial means of most local water rescue groups and regularly failed due to cable defects.

This was the trigger for Markus Motzke to apply his knowledge as a communications engineer and develop a floatable diver communication rope.

After several tests, the first buoyant submersible communication lines, which met all the requirements of GUV, FwDV 8 and other applicable regulations, were ready for the market and available at highly competitive conditions in 2011.

During development, particular emphasis was placed on good handling (flexibility), wear resistance and durability of the communication ropes, even under high loads.
Developed from personal practice and operational experience for daily use in the special operational environment of divers from emergency services, fire departments and the police.

Since then, we have been supplying water rescue services, DLRG, fire departments and police diving groups with diver communication ropes and corresponding accessories such as rope bags, adapter cables and normal diver safety ropes.

In addition, we offer various services relating to diver communication equipment from different manufacturers, such as repairs and conversions.

We are sure to find an individual solution for your specific requirements.

Feel free to contact us with your individual inquiries and requests.

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