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Zubehör Leinensack Scubacom



Zubehör Leinensack Scubacom
  • Stable rope bag made of waterproof tarpaulin material
  • Two sizes: for up to 50m and 80m lines
  • Ensures mobility during diving operations
  • Has an opening system with a canvas cover that can be turned inside out to facilitate access to the contents
  • Outer pocket for storing the thimble and plug on the above-water side
  • Transparent window on the outside of the transport bag for protected attachment of organizational labels
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for hanging around the canvas bag
  • The fabric eyelet inside the transport bag can be used to attach the rope ends
  • Bottom feedthrough for the line end on the overwater side
  • A special technique for shooting the line ensures that the leash is released without kinks
  • The leash must never be stuffed into the line bag as with a throw bag. The resulting kinks will remain permanently in the rope and thus considerably impair handling

     The leash shown is not included in the scope of delivery


Zubehör Kabeltrommel Scubacom
  • Cable reel made of special rubber with 4-pole slip ring
  • Suspension eye for carabiner on the diver’s side
  • Connection cable for the communication unit, approx. 3 m long, led out of the hub of the drum at the rear
  • Strain relief for the connection cable with swivel carabiner
  • Winding option for the connection cable
  • The maximum capacity of the reel is 80m of diver communication rope


Signalleine Scubacom
  • Core braid
  • Made of PP: low weight, buoyancy, weather resistance, high breaking load, excellent knottability and universal application possibilities
  • Silky shiny and dimensionally stable round surface, odorless, flexible, soft, easy to braid, twist-free braiding
  • Polypropylene has good chemical resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricating oil and weak alkalis
  • Floatable signal rope 12 mm:
    • 2150 daN breaking load linear
    • Material: PPM (polypropylene) fine
    • Color: Yellow
    • UV resistance: High
  • Floatbale signal rope 10 mm:
    • 1300 daN breaking load linear
    • Material: PPM (polypropylene) multibraid
    • Color: Yellow
    • UV resistance: High
  • Length and presentation as well as length marking according to customer requirements


Adatperkabel Zubehör ScubaCom
  • Adapter cables extend the usability of existing diver communication ropes to communication units with other connector systems
  • Adapter cable Aqua Lung / OTS MK7, Dräger UTS402 unit
  • Adapter cable Dräger UTS 402 plug, Aqua Lung / OTS-MK7 unit Aqua Lung/OTS-MK7, double banana plug
  • Adapter cable Dräger UTS 402 plug, double banana plug