Our specially developed floating diver communication rope offers numerous advantages over conventional models and is still fully compatible with existing systems.

Zubehör Leine Scubacom


The floating diver communication rope from ScubaCom has been tried and tested in use for many years.
Perfect handling, reliability and robustness combined in a diving communication leash that relieves the diver and reduces risks during use thanks to its buoyancy.
Whether on the rope drum, in a rope bag or solo, with individual length markings or in customized lengths. We have the right diver communication rope for your specific application.



  • Meets the requirements of DGUV 105-002, FwDV -8, PDV 415

  • Floatable, approx. 13 mm diameter

  • Minimal elongation, tensile strength approx. 18000 N

  • Stainless steel thimble integrated at both ends, bundles protected with transparent shrink tubing

  • Length marking every 10 m

  • Connector underwater side: OTS 4p HI-USE connector or other customer-specific connectors, encapsulated

  • Connector above water: according to customer requirements

  • Rope construction: Dynema® core, UV-stabilized PP braid, yellow color with red identification threads, highly flexible internal communication rope

  • The diver communication rope bears the CE mark and complies with the ROHS guidelines

  • Select the length and connector types you require. Here are some typical examples:
    • Connector underwater side: OTS 4p HI-USE
    • Connector above water: Souriau UTS High Seal connector – for Dräger MK7, AMP-4M – for Aqua Lung/OTS MK7, double banana plug black, red
  • Typical lengths: 50 m, 65 m, 70 m, 80 m

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